Relationships are complicated. Understanding them shouldn’t be.

We do the hard work, so you can talk with confidence about the state of your relationships. In our 20-year history we have worked with many of the largest marketers and agencies in multiple markets with diverse cultures. This gives us an unparalleled ability to benchmark your relationships against thousands of your peers. Our system has evolved over two decades to ensure ease of input and accuracy of output.

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1. Evaluate

– As each relationship is unique we start with an investigation of the complex interplay between your various business units and agencies. We look at the nature, size, scope and geography of these interactions at an independent, regional and global level.

– We then construct a bespoke programme to make sure the right questions are asked to the right people.

– Equally critical is ensuring the participants respond completely and on time.

– Throughout our process we show scores in our traffic light scale. Red for urgent attention. Amber for needs improvement. And green for doing well.

Aprais Evaluate

2. Analyse

– Our highly experienced consultants analyse your data and present the results in a clear and understandable way, either online, in a deck, in person or all three.

– Our 100-point scale shows changes far more precisely than marks out of 10. We have found this to be far more motivating over time.

3. Activate

– We provide you with an action plan and the correct tools to build stronger relationships.

– The improvements to your relationships are then measured each time you repeat the process.