How the future of work will impact team behaviours.

The future of work will impact teams in ways that all leaders should take note.

Hybrid work will create more unevenness around where, when, and how much different employees are working. These and many other realities will be layered on top of longer-term technological transformation, continued DE&I journeys, and ongoing political disruption and uncertainty.

These insights from a Harvard Business Review report titled “11 Trends that Will Shape Work in 2022 and Beyond”. It’s a report every leader should read.

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The ’11 Trends’

Here’s a simple list of the trends identified in the HBR report;

  1. Fairness and equity will be the defining issues for organizations.
  2. Despite a strong push from the Biden administration, a significant number of employers will not adopt a vaccine mandate, instead relying on testing to keep their workplaces safe.
  3. To compete in the war for knowledge worker talent, some companies will shorten the work week rather than increase pay.
  4. Employee turnover will continue to increase as hybrid and remote work become the norm for knowledge workers.
  5. Managerial tasks will be automated away, creating space for managers to build more human relationships with their employees.
  6. The tools that we use to work remotely will become the tools that help measure and improve performance.
  7. The complexity of managing a hybrid workforce will drive some employers to require a return to the office.
  8. Wellness will become the newest metric that companies use to understand their employees.
  9. The chief purpose officer will be the next major C-level role.
  10. Sitting is the new smoking.
  11. DE&I outcomes will worsen in a hybrid world without intervention.
Team behaviours

Based on more than 24,000 evaluations of relationships between marketers and their advertising agency partners, we have identified seven key behaviours that help define what sets the best teams apart from the rest.

These behaviours will certainly impact the future of work.

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