Good clients get better performance from their agencies

The key drivers of good agency performance
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To understand how good clients get better performance from their agencies one must first acknowledge the absolute inter-relationship between the performance of both parties.

Analysis of over 20,000 evaluations in our database proves this correlation with 99.99% statistical accuracy,

And as clients have the money, they are most often in the driving seat of the relationships. So for things to really improve, clients must take the initiative. Furthermore, the top 10% of clients in our database received 37% higher creative performance from the agencies than the bottom 10%.

The question then begs, how to be a better client?

The 4 key drivers of good client performance

By clustering together the issues that have the greatest positive and negative impact on relationship evaluations, we are able to determine what aspects most influence overall scores.

When we compared the best 10% performing clients against the worst 10%, four key behaviour differences emerged;

Clear, written, complete briefs agreed with client stakeholders at all levels. This reduces multiple revisions and off-brief proposals.

Transparent, timely, consolidated feedback and approval. Motivates the agency team and streamlines the process.

Adherence to an aligned project plan which respects lead-times. Ensures best quality work and avoids additional costs.

Treating the agency as a professional business partner. Empowers the agencies to challenge their clients and propose more innovative solutions.

To read specific tips on how to be a better client, download the pdf.

What makes a ‘good’ agency?

Analysis of recent Effie (advertising effectiveness) Award Winners proves that better client-agency relationships deliver improved advertising effectiveness. Good clients like winning awards too. They are a measure of successful work that has most likely met KPI’s. Want to know the key drivers of good agency performance? Download the pdf.

The key drivers of good agency performance
Click to download pdf