Let he who is without sin….

Posted 11/10/17

Having just read @markritson ‘s article in @MarketingWeekEd on “Media Buying’s deadly sins…” several thoughts come to mind. There is a lot of merit (as always) in what Mark writes…. Read more

Fixing Advertiser-Agency Relationships

Posted 22/08/17

When it comes to Advertiser-Agency Relationships, Michael Farmer & Brian Jacobs have eloquently covered the systemic, historical factors that have contributed to the current situation. The articles by Michael When… Read more

The Real Cost of Being a Bad Client

Posted 4/07/17

This is sometimes compounded by some ethnic cultures that adopt a more dictatorial attitude to their underlings. In the supplier context, we call this a ‘master – servant’ relationship. For… Read more

Do Not Try to Grade Your Own Homework

Posted 26/04/17

According to a report by Boston Consulting Group, the number of marketing technology vendors, each with its own way of improving reach, engaging consumers, and measuring effectiveness, has exploded from 150… Read more

The Parallels of Politics and Pitches

Posted 16/11/16

Sound familiar? 2016 will go down in history as the year that shook the political establishment. First Brexit, then Trump. Better minds are still debating the reasons for these ‘upsets’… Read more