Why trust is so critical in business relationships

Posted 3/08/22

Without trust, business relationships cannot hope to flourish. Partnering for growth Successful relationships are characterised by many attributes, but the one universal ingredient is trust. A recent IPA report examining… Read more

Empathy builds stronger teams

Posted 21/06/22

Empathy as a team leadership skill is now more important than ever. Covid has changed the way we work in so many ways. Clearly, it has forced us to re-examine… Read more

Team chemistry and the pitch process

Posted 15/06/22

Team chemistry is a cornerstone of successful client-agency relationships. UK creative agency Mother created a stir when it announced recently that if a new client agrees to appoint the agency… Read more

How disagreement can positively challenge teams.

Posted 26/05/22

By focussing on achieving consensus, we might be missing the opportunity to stimulate different ideas. Accepting dissenting views from your own team members requires a rare combination of humility, self-confidence… Read more

A question of scale

Posted 29/03/22

Why does Aprais use a 100-point scale to evaluate client-agency relationships when most surveys of this type use a 5-point scale? We use the 100-point scale because it provides more… Read more

The future of work

Posted 25/02/22

I’m a big fan of futurist reports. Forget whether they are accurate predictors or not, they can distill a lot of what is going on, into a concise format that… Read more

What is a relationship without trust?

Posted 10/02/22

Recent political events in the UK serve as a stark reminder of the importance of trust in relationships. As I write this the UK political elite are holding their breath…. Read more

Team evaluations in 2021

Posted 22/01/22

Team evaluations in 2021 presented extraordinary challenges and achievements. It was the year of lockdowns, vaccinations, tentative returns to some face-to-face contact, hybrid working and Omicrom. More data, deeper understanding… Read more