Canadian advertisers shown that they occupy the drivers seat in their client-agency relationships

Canada client-agency relationships
How Canadian advertisers rate agencies compared to ‘Rest of World’

On the other hand, Canadian agencies were less content with their clients, rating them lower than the Aprais global averages in all areas with the exception of ‘Digital’.

These results were presented in a webinar held by the Association of Canadian Advertisers. We demonstrated the evidence supporting the wisdom of David Oglivy’s words first written in Confessions of an Advertising Man some 50 years ago.

Ogilvy famously wrote about clients he had worked with;

“Some behave so badly that no agency could produce effective advertising for them. Some behave so well that no agency could fail to do so”.

Canada client-agency relationships
How Canadian agencies rate clients compared to ‘Rest of World’

Analysis of over 19,000 client-agency relationships in the Aprais database proves with near absolute statistical accuracy, that clients get the agencies they deserve. Put another way, As a client gets better, the agency gets better and conversely, as a client gets worse, the agency gets worse.

For a PDF of the complete presentation to the Association of Canadian Advertisers, please contact us.