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Do relationships matter to agile teams?

Posted 22/10/21

Agile teams are increasingly popular, but they are not without their challenges. Way back in 2016, McKinsey described agile, in the marketing context, as the use of data and analytics to continuously… Read more

Strong teams start with happy individuals

Posted 21/09/21

Strong teams are only possible if the individuals that comprise them are happy and motivated. As obvious as this may seem, the turbulence brought about by the pandemic and enforced… Read more

How to maintain healthy business relationships

Posted 13/09/21

Our analysis shows that regular evaluation and constructive action planning can help maintain healthy business relationships and provide the framework for continuous improvement. Strong and healthy client-agency relationships help build… Read more

Brand News Italy Covers Resilience

Posted 4/09/20

Aprais’ highly regarded thought leadership analysis on the importance of team Resilience in client agency relationships has been covered in Italy’s leading marketing industry publication, Brand News. An English summary… Read more