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Resilient teams perform better

Posted 8/11/22

Marketer and their agency teams have become more resilient over the last decade, but there are still opportunities to improve this business-critical attribute. Analysis of Aprais’ global database of more… Read more

What the pandemic taught us about teamwork

Posted 7/10/22

This momentous event has presented a unique opportunity to reassess teamwork and our ways of working. Both as individuals, with families, in communities and for business this has been a… Read more

The changing demands on PR agencies

Posted 31/08/22

The remit of PR agencies has exploded in recent years, moving from traditional media relations, stakeholder and reputation management to encompass social media and community management, production of content, influencer,… Read more

Why trust is so critical in business relationships

Posted 3/08/22

Without trust, business relationships cannot hope to flourish. Partnering for growth Successful relationships are characterised by many attributes, but the one universal ingredient is trust. A recent IPA report examining… Read more

Empathy builds stronger teams

Posted 21/06/22

Empathy as a team leadership skill is now more important than ever. Covid has changed the way we work in so many ways. Clearly, it has forced us to re-examine… Read more

Team chemistry and the pitch process

Posted 15/06/22

Team chemistry is a cornerstone of successful client-agency relationships. UK creative agency Mother created a stir when it announced recently that if a new client agrees to appoint the agency… Read more

How disagreement can positively challenge teams.

Posted 26/05/22

By focussing on achieving consensus, we might be missing the opportunity to stimulate different ideas. Accepting dissenting views from your own team members requires a rare combination of humility, self-confidence… Read more

A question of scale

Posted 29/03/22

Why does Aprais use a 100-point scale to evaluate client-agency relationships when most surveys of this type use a 5-point scale? We use the 100-point scale because it provides more… Read more

The future of work

Posted 25/02/22

I’m a big fan of futurist reports. Forget whether they are accurate predictors or not, they can distill a lot of what is going on, into a concise format that… Read more

What is a relationship without trust?

Posted 10/02/22

Recent political events in the UK serve as a stark reminder of the importance of trust in relationships. As I write this the UK political elite are holding their breath…. Read more

Team evaluations in 2021

Posted 22/01/22

Team evaluations in 2021 presented extraordinary challenges and achievements. It was the year of lockdowns, vaccinations, tentative returns to some face-to-face contact, hybrid working and Omicrom. More data, deeper understanding… Read more

Do relationships matter to agile teams?

Posted 22/10/21

Agile teams are increasingly popular, but they are not without their challenges. Way back in 2016, McKinsey described agile, in the marketing context, as the use of data and analytics to continuously… Read more

Strong teams start with happy individuals

Posted 21/09/21

Strong teams are only possible if the individuals that comprise them are happy and motivated. As obvious as this may seem, the turbulence brought about by the pandemic and enforced… Read more