Aprais Adds New Colour To Client-Agency Evaluations


The new corporate identity is very much intertwined with the very core of the brand.

We maximise the potential of marketing teams and their agencies

Before embarking on this review of the user experience, Aprais conducted research that revealed two fundamental insights;

  1. Client-agency performance evaluations though critical, are often dreaded by those who had to complete them
  2. Participants are often time-poor and under pressure

According to Chairman Kim Walker “We needed to make the Aprais experience more engaging. A lighter, more human and more pleasant experience without losing the sense of data integrity and accuracy that we are renowned for”.

The result;

  • Simpler, graphically-pleasing
  • A brighter, more contemporary look and feel
Colour meets rigour

Award-winning creative Richard Johnson, applied a ‘traffic-light’ colour scheme to clearly signal areas of danger (red), needing improvement (amber) and those that are doing well (green). The spectrum of colours has been aligned to the 100-point scoring method and now appears throughout the Aprais online input and reporting output.

Mindful of feedback from users at agencies and marketers, Aprais completely redesigned and upgraded the customer portal – the place where participants come into contact with Aprais.

It doesn’t stop there

Aprais has embarked on a new quest of innovation and improvement. There are further developments in the pipeline that will also streamline and enhance existing products and introduce new ones.

A new range of services will help marketers to identify the productivity barriers with their teams and unleash durable solutions.

Watch this space!

Transformation from old to new