Our story

Aprais are the global pioneers in building stronger business relationships. Since we established the category over 20 years ago, we have advised the world’s leading marketers and agencies on more than 26,000 relationships, across 70+ countries with multiple clients, in 13 languages. This has enabled us to build a large bank of data that allows companies to accurately compare their business relationships with those of their peers.

We realise relationships are built on trust, so we operate with complete confidentiality, impartiality and to the highest security standards. For this reason we do not publicly mention our clients by name and focus purely on improving relationships. We will not get directly involved in fee negotiations, agency searches or pitches.

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The Aprais family

Kim Walker - Aprais

Kim Walker

Founder & Chairman

Paul Anson - Aprais

Paul Anson

Head of System & Service Delivery

Beth Lewis

Head of Client Services

Keeley Lane - Aprais

Keeley Lane

Head of Network Development

Carol Motta - Aprais

Carol Motta

Head of Business Development

Briony O’Connor


Sylvia de Sienes


Pola Orzechowska

Client Services Executive

Rosie Gooofellow - Aprais

Rosie Goodfellow

Client Services Co-ordinator

Karen Shanks - Aprais

Karen Shanks

Training Manager

Livia Lancas

Account Manager

Jackie Almeida


Richard Goodrich - Aprais

Richard Goodrich

Partner – Australia

Michael Winkler - Aprais

Michael Winkler

Partner – Germany

Dan Benedict

Associate Partner

Kathryn Fitzwilliam - Aprais

Kathryn Fitzwilliam

Principal – Canada


Julian Ingram


Bong - Pacia - Aprais

Bong Pacia

Regional Associate –
Philippines, Indonesia

Sunil Gupta - Aprais

Sunil Gupta

Regional Associate – India

Steve Sowerby - Aprais

Steve Sowerby

Associate Partner

Our partners

  • MCA logo

    Aprais partners with MCA to offer global production investment consultancy. MCA advises multinational (and local) advertisers on how to maximise the value of their marketing spend, helping them get more content from ever-tighter budgets Visit the MCA site.

  • Potential logo

    Aprais partners with XPotential to offer expertise in personal skill competency and workshops. XPotential are global experts in building brands and creating brand centric strategies and activations. Visit the XPotential site.

  • Scope logo

    Aprais partners with Scope to offer scoping tools for both advertisers and agencies. Scope is used by some of the world’s biggest agencies and advertisers to better manage, price and track their scopes of work and budgets. Visit the Scope site.


We collaborate with key industry associations to contribute to the improvement of industry standards

  • ISBA logo

    ISBA is the only UK body that enables advertisers to understand and shape the future of their industry. It connects a powerful community of marketers with common interests, empowers decision-making with insight and gives a single voice for the improvement of the industry. Visit the ISBA site.

  • ANA logo

    The ANA is the U.S. advertising industry’s oldest and largest trade association. Originally known as the Association of National Advertising Managers, it was established to promote cooperation between regional and national advertising industries, manufacturers, advertisers and agencies. Visit the ANA site.

  • GWA logo

    The GWA is the German association of leading communication agencies. It supports its members with agency-specific services and the training and further education of agency employees. In collaboration with Aprais, it provides the GWA Relationship Tracker. Visit the GWA site.

  • PAS logo

    The Pakistan Advertisers Society brings together marketing and media professionals to enhance the industry through championing communication, research, good marketing and best practices. In collaboration with Aprais it provides the PAS Relationship Tracker. Visit the PAS site.

  • IPA logo

    The IPA sets the protocols for the UK industry's best practice standards. They work with members to achieve their goal of improve diversity within the industry. They listen to agency issues so that they can set or update policy, or lead the industry response on whatever might be troubling them. Visit the IPA site.

  • wfa logo

    Aprais is a sponsor of the WFA Global Marketer Week 2021. The WFA is the only organisation representing the interests of marketers world-wide. A champion of more effective and sustainable marketing, it supports 90% of global marketing spend. Visit the WFA site.