3 essential truths from 20,000 client-agency relationships.

We’d love to gloat some more, but the real question is “So what?” How can this improve the state of the client-agency relationship?

Apart from providing unique points of comparison for our individual marketer and agency clients, our unique database is mined continuously to reveal extraordinary truths about client-agency relationships, with near absolute statistical accuracy.

17 million data-points enable unique insights
into client-agency relationships.

Aprais Worldwide

But among all the findings there are three perennial truths we’ve uncovered that deserve specific mention.

Truth #1 Clients Get The Agencies They Deserve

Good clients drive better performance from their agencies. Conversely, bad clients get below average performance from their agencies. Read more…

Truth #2 Better Client-Agency Relationships Deliver Better Work

Analysis of Effie Award Winners indicates that better client-agency relationships deliver improved advertising quality = P&L value for both organisations. Read more…

Truth #3 Objective And Systematic Evaluation Improves Client-Agency Relationships

Done properly, the mere act of conducting a disciplined evaluation of the client-agency relationship can result in performance improvements. Our analysis of Aprais client-agency evaluations, reveals improvements of up to 37% in performance are possible. Read more…

Drive more value from your client-agency relationship

The ‘truths’ above tell the “What” but not the “How”. Yet the answers are relatively simple; be better. Be better clients. Be better agencies.

These free pdf downloads explain the basics.

Click to download: HOW TO BE A GOOD CLIENT

Click to download: HOW TO BE A GOOD AGENCY